Welcome to Antijargon.

How’s this for a NYR, I’m going to start putting things here regularly.

I can’t do it from the office, because they thing my site is spam, bleh.

But I can do it from home, so, let’s see how long I can keep it up.

Cory Doctorow says the web is basically 5 websites. He’s right.
(FiveSites = Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Amazon. If a site isn’t owned outright by one of those, they probably leverage their proprietary tech heavily to operate. Shoot, I probably do too, and don’t even know it because I’m not back-end-tech savvy enough to know what WP is doing to run…)

But the only way to change that is to start making our own stuff again.

The Web will always be FiveSites unless we all stop relying on them for, well, everything.

So let’s go.

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